Denon Prime 4 launches at NADJ Sessions in London!

DJ's from all over the UK descended upon King's House Sports Ground in Chiswick, London on the 28th January 2019 to witness the official, exclusive UK launch of the new Denon DJ Prime 4 standalone DJ system.
Denon DJ Prime 4

Cited as one of the biggest product launches of the year, and already a winner of Best of NAMM 2019, the Prime 4 is an outstanding DJ system that puts an impressive amount of power at your fingertips and features everything you could possibly need to perform any DJ set, anywhere you like.

Watch the official NADJ launch time-lapse video below:

The live demo from Matt Reay was certainly impressive and gave us an insight into just how powerful the Prime 4 is.  DJs queued to gets hands-on with the latest piece of shiny and the general feeling was that Denon DJ has listened to the needs of a DJ and have gone all-out to create a product that ticks as many boxes as possible.

You’ll be able to get one of your own it is hoped by the end of February, certainly by the middle of March and we have a feeling this is going to be a sell-out product.  At an MSRP of £1,500.00 it’s going right up against it’s nearest rival, the Pioneer XDJ-RX2.

Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see how Pioneer reacts to the launch of the Prime 4.  DJs on social media are crying out for Pioneer to bring 4-channels to the RX2.  Is the Prime 4 enough to separate lovers of the industry heavyweight from their hard-earned cash and switch to an alternative product?  Time will tell.

We’re sure though that Pioneer is watching the industry’s reaction very closely.

We would like to thank Denon DJ, specifically Matt Reay, Richard Ward, Ross Davies, Jay Cunningham and Neil Johnstone for choosing NADJ London to launch the Prime 4.  It means a lot to us and we look forward to working with you again in the future!


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