Supporting the DJ industry during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

Working together for a stronger DJ community

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating effect on our industry.  With strict guidelines in place, any chance of a return to work in the near future seems impossible.

The DJ industry has united to support the hard working men and women who work tirelessly each weekend to provide amazing parties up and down the country.

You may have seen on our National Group and Branch pages we announced the NADJs intentions to lobby parliament. Our aim is to bring attention to the desperate situation our industry is in due to the Coronavirus pandemic and asking Government to recognise our industry and give us some support.

To ensure our voice is heard we will need to all get behind the campaign and email on mass local MPs. Along with our good friends at SEDA, Mobile DJ Network, Pro Mobile Magazine and BPM, we have put together the tools you need to get our industry noticed.

We have simplified the process and made it as time efficient as possible, all you need to do is:

  • Download the document using the button below.
  • Find your local MP.
  • Fill in the document as instructed.
  • Send the completed letter to your MP either by email or post.

This is a numbers game so what we need to do is get every individual person involved in our industry to send this letter to their MP.

We need to get this to our MP’s as a matter of urgency. So please we urge you to not put this off or add it to your ‘to do’ list AND DO IT NOW!